FAQ's about the MC2 Method

What exactly is the MC2 Method?

It's a 2+ hour audio recording that teaches a unique form of self therapy for overcoming anxieties, fears, addictions; achieving personal goals, enhancing mental well-being, and much more. For most people, the first half of the program is the most important... so if two hours sounds like a lot, you can just start with the first section.

How does the MC2 Method work?

Anxiety, addiction, obesity, insomnia, and many other of life's struggles often have emotional origins. Typical approaches to overcoming such issues usually involve medication or willpower - both of which attempt to suppress the emotional urges driving unwanted behaviors and feelings. The MC2 Method flips that around by providing a mental process that dissolves the underlying causes of unwanted behaviors and feelings, rather than covering them up.

I still don't get it.

It would probably take an entire book to fully explain how and why the MC2 Method works. And even then, without experiencing it, such understanding would be superficial. That's why our short audio program involves practical mental exercises - so that you "learn by doing". Once experienced, the underlying concept will make much more sense.

Is this meditation?

It could be thought of as a form of meditation, in that it involves "inward mental focus". However, the MC2 Method is a very active process, and therefore cannot be directly compared to traditional meditation, relaxation, or hypnosis. As you may have found, issues like anxiety/addiction/fear can sometimes be nearly impossible to "relax", "ignore", or "hypnotize" away. In fact, many people find that meditation/relaxation/hypnosis/yoga/etc only increase their unwanted feelings.

So I won't feel relaxed?

Relaxation is not the objective of the process. But ironically, profound relaxation is often the end result. Think about it - could there be anything more relaxing than having 100% control of your inner world, combined with an ability to enjoy anything in your outer world? The MC2 Method seeks to provide you with a source of lasting relaxation, and a sense of real well-being, rather than temporary escape.

Is the MC2 Method only for people who are experiencing serious issues like anxiety, addiction, etc?

Absolutely not. The MC2 Method is an incredibly powerful tool for general self development, and can be a gateway to living life on a higher level in almost every aspect.

How is it that the MC2 Method can improve relationships, increase wealth, etc?

The biggest obstacle standing between us and what we really want in life is often ourselves. Once we gain control over our inner selves, it becomes much easier to get whatever we want externally. Ultimately, the MC2 Method can empower you to transform both aspects of your life into reflections of whatever you want to be, do, or have.

Where did the MC2 Method come from?

This program evolved from my own experience with severe anxiety and panic disorder. After spending thousands of dollars on, and over a year in, relatively ineffective counseling with a Ph.D psychologist, I began searching for a solution on my own. As I made breakthroughs, I documented the process so that I would never forget the "secret" that set me free. These simple "instructions" have changed my life for the better in almost every way. Not only did I completely resolve that initial anxiety issue, but I also found that the same approach empowered me to quit smoking, manage my weight, sleep better, and overcome a variety of other issues that I'd been struggling with for years. In the end I was able to enjoy life again, and ultimately I've been able to live a life that I love.

The fact that you're reading this page is a pretty good sign that you're also searching for something more, as I once was. It's my sincere hope that you'll find what you're looking for here. Whether this turns out to be your answer, a piece of the puzzle for you, or just a stepping stone to whatever ultimately works for you, I don't think you'll regret giving it a try.

Other questions? Feel free to ask. Or just listen.

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