This free software mixes multiple background sounds, such as white noise and soft rain, with a relaxing metronome beat. Whether you're meditating, studying in a cafe, or taking a nap, this is a great tool for masking distracting noises. An optional timer can automatically shutdown your computer when used for falling asleep.


Software Screenshot

Watch a YouTube demonstration.

Other features:


  1. Create an empty folder on your Desktop (or anywhere on your computer)
  2. Save this zip file to your computer: MindSoundsMixer.zip
  3. Extract the zip file into the empty folder that you created in Step 1.
  4. Doubleclick the file "Mind-Sound-Mixer.exe" to run the program... It's that easy!
  5. To uninstall anytime, simply delete the files, or the entire folder.
  6. If you have questions or need assistance, please contact us.
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